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DigiGames In Your Area - DigiGames Seminars





We are pleased to announce that DigiGames will come to your local organization to speak and demonstrate our products.  The one or two hour meeting will focus on how entertainers can use Trivia to make more money with:


1. Mid-Week bookings

2. Corporate events

3. School events (fundraisers, after school activities, post prom parties, etc)

4. Employee training

5. Camping organizations

6. Retirement homes

7. Weddings (bridal trivia during dinner and/or rehearsal dinner parties)




While there, we will demonstrate various game show systems made by DigiGames and explain how they can be useful tools to make money.  Entertainers who already own a Game show system and are not interested in buying one will find the seminar very informative.  Entertainers who do not own a Game show system will find this to be a great opportunity to increase their profits.  For this unique opportunity pricing for our systems will be some of the lowest we have offered.  Specials will be almost too good to pass.  


Entertainers will be allowed to ask their own questions and make comments at the end of the seminar.  The BEST part of this is WE COME TO YOU.  


Call Rob Johnson today for details at 701-710-1657 or email [email protected].