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Many of Trivia Production Suite’s (TPS) software games utilize visual aspects that require a projector.  It is important to configure your video card within your notebook to “Extended” mode.  When a TPS game is launched, the software will detect that your desktop is extended and will display the appropriate images to your external video device appropriately.  In this manner, what the computer operator sees on the local computer screen is different from what the contestants and audience view.  To enable your video display settings appropriately, follow the steps outlined below.

USE VGA.  If your laptop has S-Video, composite and VGA outputs, start with a VGA connection first.  It is the easiest to configure in most cases.

STARTUP SEQUENCE.  For the best reliability, power up your projector, connect it to your laptop, then lastly boot up your laptop.  Windows needs to “see” the external video device on startup.



1.  Right-click the desktop, and then click Properties.

2.  In the Display Properties dialog box, click the Settings tab.

3.  Click the Display list and select your external monitor. If you do not see multiple monitors listed, your computer hardware may not support this option.

4.  Select the Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor option.

5.  Make sure that both your primary and secondary (external) monitors are set to a resolution of 1024x768.

6.  Click Apply or OK.

7.  Now restart your DigiGames software.



1.  Connect your laptop to your external monitor

2. Right Click on your desktop and select Personalize

3. Open the Display settings window (at the bottom)


Extending The Display:

1. Select Monitor 2 in the visual or from the drop-down menu

2. Check the box besides “Extend the desktop onto this monitor”

3. Just hit Apply. The screen should flash and you are done!

Some notebooks carry various 3rd party video cards and the above method may not apply.  In such a case, go to your control panel (Start/Control Panel) and look for the icon that represents your video card. The Icon for your video card may also appear to the left of your system time clock.  Double-click the icon to access your video properties and fish around for an option to either “Extend Desktop”, “Extend Video to External Monitor”, or “Enable Panoramic View”.


An additional method to extend your desktop with some 3rd party video controllers is to right-click on the desktop and access your video properties within the list that appears.


If your notebook does not have multiple monitor support you can either


1.  Update your video drivers.  Go to the manufacturer’s web site and go to downloads/support.  Put in your model number and install the recommended.


2.  Obtain a USB to VGA converter.  These can be easily purchased online, at a local computer store, or from DigiGames directly.


I did everything, but the software still does not appear correctly on the screen.


Your dpi needs to be changed.  XP and earlier:  Right click on desktop and select Properties.  Go to the display tab and select the “Advanced” button.  On the “General” tab, change dpi from 120 to 96.  For Vista: Right click desktop and select “Personalize”.  Select “Adjust Font Size (DPI)”.  Change 120 DPI to 96 and reboot your computer.