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(Complete stand-alone system with host remote)



Involve EVERY participant with this BRAND-NEW audience participation tool.

Give everyone a chance to answer life’s questions at every seat. Participants will compete to answer your questions and win points. The included host remote lets you choose whether to block out students who have already buzzed in or reset the system so that everyone can answer.


Complete System Features:


   * As many cordless/wireless buzzers as you want (batteries included)

   * Includes 1 host remote (batteries included)

   * RF range is 300 feet.


Easy to Play!


1. Ask your question.(All buzzers glow YELLOW, in a READY state.)


2. Participants “buzz in” with their answers by pressing on the dome of their wireless buzzer.


3. As soon as someone buzzes in first, the host remote will light up GREEN. The participant to buzz in first will see their wireless buzzer BLINK GREEN, signaling that he or she has the “go-ahead” to answer the question. All other participant buzzers will light up RED to signify that their buzzers are deactivated.


4. If answer is wrong: Press the CONTINUE button on the included host remote. The first responder's buzzer will light up RED, signifying that this player is "locked out" for the remainder of the question session. All other wireless buzzers will light up YELLOW, signifying that players may attempt to buzz in again with their answers.


5.  If answer is correct: Press the RESET button. All the buzzers will light up YELLOW and a new question session can begin.


The host remote has buzzer sound which can be turned on or off. Each wireless buzzer uses 3 AAA batteries (included). Buzzers will power off automatically after 20 minutes of non-use, or when you power off via remote.



Expand the system up to 200 users! Additional TM-100 wireless buzzers sold individually.


Quantity discounts available.