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READ THIS PARAGRAPH CAREFULLY:  The following links are some helpful tools for playing various video formats on your computer if a codec is missing.  While the below utilities are free, widely distributed, trusted and tested by DigiGames, DigiGames assumes NO LIABILITY for the use of these tools.  In otherwords, if your computer crashes and burns as a result of the proper or improper instillation of these tools, please do not burden support with your complaint.  As with any instillation of programs, drivers, or codecs, you MUST back up your computer, or at the least create a “Restore Point” just in case you need to roll your computer back.  Unless your computer was purchased by DigiGames, we will NOT provide any support, or answer ANY questions WHATSOEVER regarding these tools.  Even if you did purchase your manchine from DigiGames, please understand that video support will be limited.  However, there are any number of discussions regarding these tools across  many forums on the internet.  Simply do a search, read about them, and proceed with any of the downloads once you feel you are informed and competent enough to try them.  We appreciate your understanding.


We've found the K-Lite Codec Pack STANDARD version to work well in our corporate environment.



For Mpg or MPEG file type problems:


Mpeg mpg ( properiety codec  ) owned by the motion picture experts group is another name for the DVD.  If your system does have any DVD decoder software you will need to install a decoder on each system then whatever player you deploy should support most video formats.


DVD roms bundle with power DVD/ Win DVD which is a decoder and gives the mpeg codec (DVD) direct draw required for playback mpg mpeg.


Other wise the free decoders VLC media player classic  will do the same such as:


or install the ffdshow codec individually on your computer if you have any divx properties on your video files: