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TAKE IT ‘ER LEAVE IT - Ideas for Prizes

Variations Of Game Play
Ideas for Prizes, it is likely that you can’t go on a Million Dollar Mission like TV’s version of Deal or No Deal.  However, the software supports numeric (money) and alphanumeric (text) prizes.  Here are a few ideas of prizes that you can add to the editor of your software, to make things lively and fun.  


Please note:  We always appreciate idea submissions.  If you use ideas here, please contribute some of your own.



Small prizes


Kiss on the cheek

Floor Sweepings

Sink Sludge

A Penny (you don’t want to meet her!)

1 Drink Ticket

2 Drink Tickets

3 Drink Tickets

A Bottle of Beer

2 Bottles of Beer

3 Bottles of Beer

$5 Gift Certificate

$7.50 Gift Certificate

$10 Gift Certificate

1 Jagermeister Shot

2 Jagermeister Shots

Budweiser Hat

Miller Lite T-Shirt

Hug & Kiss from Hot Bartender

Party Beads

Any Glow Product(s)

Party Hat(s)


Candy Bar

Anything you can find at a dollar store (c’mon it’s only a buck!)

Breath Mints (perhaps the contestant could REALLY use it)

The shirt off your back (contestant actually wins his own shirt)



Larger prizes


6 Pack of Beer

Bottle of Wine

Bottle of Champaign

Party Platter

Medium Pizza

Large Pizza

$25 Gift Certificate

$40 Gift Certificate

$50 Gift Certificate




TIP:  Many entertainers use Take It ‘er Leave It to promote local businesses which makes the software a great advertising and money making tool.   Many of your area businesses have products and services that they wish to promote, and Take It ‘er Leave It is a fantastic way to make that happen.  Some performers who perform weekly at a venue easily charge $500 per 6 month promotional span per product or service that is entered into the software.



Do you have a completely fresh and original idea for playing the game?  We want to hear about it!  Win some fantastic prizes and discounts from DigiGames for sharing your thoughts!  CALL SUPPORT TODAY 701-742-2351 to submit your idea!